dataGecko is the home of aspiring media composer, hack musician and Video Game Music fan Scott Hamilton. (Sorry no, not the famous ice skater, or the saxophonist! lol) I'm based in Brisbane, Australia but with strong ties to Kyoto, Japan as well. My style is as eclectic as my tastes in music and art, so if you are looking for something a little different, get in contact and lets take a journey of discovery together! After a long career in data and analytics I'm finally giving the right side of my brain free reign to have fun and be creative. I love to collaborate and I'm far more focused on enjoying the process than fame and glory. Life is short, let's play!

The real gecko!

A Lament for Ukraine

I feel so distressed by the images and news coming from Ukraine. At first I felt numb, and as the days dragged on I felt I just had to get my feelings out, which resulted in this simple little quartet. For those suffering at the hands of a brutal dictator, and those who so bravely fight to defend themselves. Thank you to the wonderful musicians who brought the piece to life. This is part of a little album "This world is too small for war" which you can listen to on Bandcamp.

Westwood Lost Piano Scoring Competition

I thought I would have a crack at this film scoring competition. Its only the second time I have submitted for something like this, but I really enjoyed the process of crafting music to fit the narrative of the short story. Storytelling with music is a real passion for me, I enjoy that challenge greatly. If you would like to have a listen, and if you enjoyed it, please leave a comment. I would really appreciate that.

If you want to join the fun you can read more on the Westwood site.

Score Relief 2022 - I Catch You

Another shot at a scoring competition. This was quite a difficult video to work to, but I eventually settled on a relatively simple African inspired piece that I felt captured the feeling of the narration and story.

You can check out the competition here.

Album Released!!!

Critter Songs - A musical tribute to Critical Role Campaign 2

Critter Songs: I've been working for the last few months on an album of music inspired by the characters from Critical Role Campaign 2. There are eight very different tracks, for eight amazing and diverse characters.

If you would like to support me you can buy the album now on Bandcamp!

Thank you to this wonderful bunch of people for the joy they bring us! You guys rock!

I am incredibly grateful to the wonderfully talented GhostCandle for allowing me to use her beautiful fan artwork on my videos. Please do check out her work and support her with a commission if you can!!

Molly - The music is done, I just need to finish the video.

Essek - Would you like to hear an Essek track?? :-) If so, ping me! @dataGeckoMusic on Twitter.