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I'm an Aussie geek that doesn't get much time for the things I love, but I do love gaming and music, so I want to share a little of that love around. I am not a great gamer, not even a good gamer (too old!), I'm just a very sub-average-Joe gamer, so I hope that means you can relate to the content I am putting up. (i.e. I suck most of the time.) You probably won't learn anything much, but I hope you find it entertaining. Mostly I focus on World of Tanks, though I will post content on whatever I find interesting.



I will be making a special effort to seek out music that I think works well with the videos, that complements them and makes them worth watching. I really want to find and support people publishing their music freely online, and use the videos to promote them. I will contact the artist and get permission for each and every track I use. There is a lot more work goes into their music tracks than any video I could produce. So massive thank you to everyone that says "sure you can use it!", you guys are awesome.

So other stuff on the channel... well that will be pretty random and just whatever I'm finding interesting at the time. ;-)

My channel will probably appeal to older gamers who are more patient and willing to appreciate the context, and can watch a video more than 30 secs long without being distracted! :-) Enjoy the music while you watch.

Latest Videos

World of Tanks: (Asia)

My Game of Choice: World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other steel cowboys to dominate the world with tank supremacy!

Anyone for Star Wars?... what a silly question. How about The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi back to back, with a Cosplay and Quiz night filler? Sounds pretty awesome to me!


Plex Armoury and PTHP are teaming up with Palace Cinemas Centro (James St) to bring you an epic night of trivia, cosplay and prizes!!

There is a screening of The Force Awakens at 8:15 PM

In between TFA and the TLK premire we will be running both a trivia and cosplay competition, there will be a photo wall to get photos of your costume as well as other things to keep you entertained!!

More info...

Here is a little video of the evening...

Here is a great place I found in Brisbane. :-)

Vault Games is an online store that has all your tabletop gaming needs, from board games and miniatures to role-playing and trading card games. Be sure to find Vault Games at an event near you. Boasting an extensive library of games, you can be sure the Vault team will help you discover new games and also give you an opportunity to pick up anything you've ordered online.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat 10am - Late

Sun 10am - 6pm

Off to Supanova on Saturday for a day of way too much geekdom. Will be awesome of course! They have formed their own eSport team this year, that will be interesting to see.

Here is my video from the event. Sorry its in portrait, just a capture on the phone but gives you an idea what it was like.. :-)

I'd like to add shout outs to everyone that appears in my video, to give credit to all those that put so much work into their outfits. Please message me with the time stamp where you appear, your handle, your character, and any brief comments you want to add. Thanks. :-)

The next Supanova will be at the Gold Coast in April 2018 unless I can somehow manage to get to Melbourne the week before. :-) With Peter Capaldi confirmed as a guest for both, there is something to look forward to.