Lets make some music!!


Critter Songs - A musical tribute to Critical Role

Critter Songs: I've been working for the last couple of months on an album of music inspired by the characters from Critical Role. There are eight very different tracks, for eight amazing and diverse characters.

If you would like to support me you can buy the album now on Bandcamp!

Molly - The music is done, but it need a fan artwork for the background!!! If you can help me please ping me!! @dGeckoMusic on Twitter.

Essek - Would you like to hear an Essek track?? :-) If so, ping me! @dGeckoMusic on Twitter.

Original Music

dGecko is making music, all kinds of original creations. Exploring the fields of plunderphonics and game/film music. Maybe you might like some of it....

Here are a couple of my recent original tracks. Very different styles, but it gives you an idea of what I'm playing around with at the moment. More on the portfolio page.

Robotic Love: In the cold dark expanse of space, where robots toil alone but for the brief changing of shifts at the recharging outpost, a chance encounter awakens strange deeply hidden programming of a most confusing nature.

Add Music to your Comic!

Do you create online comics? Have you thought about taking your artwork to the next level by adding music and presenting your comic via YouTube? Its a great way to take a static story and bring it to life, and to publish this work to a huge potential audience. So this is another service I am offering. If you have the art, I can turn your statics pages into a sumptuous feast for the senses. Here is a music sample, and I will have all of chapter 1 in video format available to view online soon!

Request a Music Track!
Open for Commissions.

I am working to build a portfolio of work that will show the range of music I can create, and I have decided that I will take commissions to get some tracks made! So if you have a piece of music that you would liked created, hit me up for a track! I am interested in doing work for:

  • Video Games Music

  • Animated/Interactive online short stories and videos

  • Music for Visual Novels

  • Intro's and Outro's for YouTube channels

  • Music for Steams - eg Starting soon tracks

I prefer to work to a story if possible, or at least a brief that has a vision about what it is you are trying to say with the music. Read more and submit suggestions here.

BandCamp site, if you want to support my work. :-)


ReMixes and collaborations, covers and inspired works. This is where you can find stuff that draws on the creative genius of others, with a heavy focus on Video Game Music. I decided that doing covers was a good way to lean, and its a lot of fun too to try to create something creatively fresh.

Do you love Video Game Music? If so, we have a Discord server dedicated to VGM in all it forms.
Check it out!!

Head over to my second YouTube channel if you would like to listen to some more tracks with lots of VGM reMixes. :-)