Graphic by Oak Antony

Music Track: Nott the Brave/Veth

This is the timeline for the track I have completed for Nott, and I have listed the types of images that I think would go with the music. The track has five parts...

  1. An introduction to Nott

  2. Meeting Caleb

  3. Joining the Mighty Nein

  4. Changing back to Veth

  5. An introduction to Veth

Each section has a different feel and style, with a few vocal elements and a few written quotes, and I would like to match the artwork to these timestamps if I can. :-)

Covering All Episodes. I would like to have about 54 images.
Note: My estimate of images needed may be off, so this is just a rough guide.


Selected images: Under each section below I will provide details/samples of the images selected for the video and a link to the artist!

00:00 Introduction to character - Nott, the Brave. Goblin girl.

I can fit in about 6-8 images of a very sad Nott, scared and alone, crying.

0:44 Notts husband Yeza [“Don’t forget”]

I can fit in one image of Yeza.

1:06 Image of Nott with Mask. [“But my memory is my face”]

I'm looking for specifically one image of Nott with her mask on.

Meeting Caleb Sequence:

01:13 Meeting Caleb

I can fit in about 3-4 images of early Nott and a grubby Caleb showing them looking after each other.

1:16 Caleb Quote: LIAM C2E4: Disparate Pieces (0:41:06)

Quote: Nott, this is what I talked to you about the other night. These are our friends and we're going to sort this out and figure out what we do next.

I'm looking for one image of Caleb comforting Nott.

1:36 Caleb Quote: LIAM C2E20: Labenda Awaits (3:18:47) [“Talk to me”]

Quote: As the hooligans are getting ready for bed, I wanted to say to Nott: You know, I think, for obvious reasons now, I have kept a lot of things close to the vest, and those things are out. If you ever want to talk about anything-- now or later, after you think about it-- you are my friend, and you can talk to me-- if you want.

I'm looking for one image of Caleb and Nott talking seriously.

Mighty Nein Sequence:

1:47 Caleb Quote: LIAM C2E24: The Hour of Honor (2:02:30)

Quote: (singing) Oh, The Mighty Nein is The Mighty Nein. The Mighty Nein is The Mighty Nein. The mightiest nine that ever neined!

I'm looking for one image of the Mighty Nein, happy as a group.

1:52 Nott Drinking - Quote: SAM C2E26: Found & Lost (3:04:20) [Hiccups]

Quote: Thank you. I'd better get drunk, then.

I'm looking for 4 images of Nott drinking

2:00 Group images of the Mighty Nein.

I can fit in around 4 images of the Mighty Nein, fun ones.

2:16 Caleb Quote: LIAM C2E26: Found & Lost (4:19:42) [“Hit you with the heat”]

Quote: Burned it! Burn that shit!

I'm looking for one image of a Caleb fireball or similar.

2:22 Fjord Quote: TRAVIS C1E23: THE REMATCH (0:21:42) [“You don’t know these streets like we do”]

Quote: Would you mind terribly if I maybe went out to the street and picked a fight?

I'm looking for one image of Fjord with the Mighty Nein in a city streetscape.

2:30 [“We hot”] (Fjord)

I'm looking for one image of Fjord.

2:32 [“I’m feeling…”]

I'm looking for one image of a Yasha.

2:36 [“I’m feeling…”]

I'm looking for one image of a Beau.

2:38 [“Holey Moley”] Image of Molly

I'm looking for one image of a Molly.

2:40 [“I’m feeling…”]

I'm looking for one image of a Jester.

2:42 [“I’m feeling…”]

I'm looking for one image of a Caleb.

2:48 [“…broken”] Image of Molly’s Vest

I'm looking for one image of a Molly’s jacket hanging on his sword.

Transformation Sequence:

2:57 Changing back to Veth
Quote: SAM C2E96: Family Shatters (2:49:51)
Quote: “I think I'm ready to change back.”

I'm looking for one image of a Nott before transforming talking to Caleb, or the whole group.

3:04 Nott Transforms

I'm looking for maybe 4-5 images of Nott transforming.

3:42 Shattering out of the Clay

I'm looking for one image of Veth shattering out of the clay after the transformation.

Veth Sequence:

3:47 Veth

I can fit in around 10-12 images of Veth, and the new-look Mighty Nein, including Caduceus and Veth.

5:25 Ending Quote: LIAM C2E36: O Captain, Who's Captain? (2:16:20)

Quote: Ja, of course. We are The Mighty Nein, not to be trifled with.

I'm looking for one final image of the current Mighty Nein.

So, its a long list I know (about 54 images max.), but I also know that critters have been sharing a prodigious quantity of incredible artwork, so I am hopeful we can have very rich visuals for the music. I would also like to showcase as many fan art creators as possible.

Every artist will be credited and linked in the video description!

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