Graphic by Natalie Chenard

Music Track: Caleb

Covering all episodes. I would like to have about 43 images. Caleb is a complex character, so consider this an introduction. :-)
Note: My estimate of images needed may be off, so this is just a rough guide.


Selected images: Under each section below I will provide details/samples of the images selected for the video and a link to the artist!

00:00 Introduction to Caleb - Young Bren, the Soltryce Academy, the test, the burning.

I can fit in about 8 images

01:09 Bren in Vergesson Sanatorium - the release

I can fit in about 4 images

01:37 Caleb, vagabond on the run, meeting Nott

I can fit in about 8 images

02:07 Caleb, and that curious circus

I can fit in about 3 images of Caleb at the circus.

02:30 Caleb meets the Mighty Nein, friends found?

I can fit in about 4 images of the group.

03:09 Doubt and caution, grubby Caleb,

I can fit in about 3 images showing the mistrust Caleb has initially.

03:25 Traumatized by Fire, remembering Astrid

I can fit in about 2 images (one of each)

03:40 Caleb warms to the Mighty Nein

I can fit in about 5 images of Caleb settling into the group.

04:07 Frumpkin

I can fit in about 3 images of the magical cat.

04:27 Caleb's ominous power grows - revenge

I can fit in about 3 images of an intense Caleb.

04:56 [End]

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