Graphic by Natalie Chenard

Music Track: Fjord - Sailor, Pirate.

Covering Episodes 1 to 37. I would like to have about 42 images.
Note: My estimate of images needed may be off, so this is just a rough guide.


Selected images: Under each section below I will provide details/samples of the images selected for the video and a link to the artist!

00:00 Ep1-4. Introduction to Fjord - Orphan named Stone, Sailor. Meeting the others at the Nestled Nook Inn. The Nergaliid encounter.

I can fit in about 12 images of early Fjord and the early encounters.

01:10 Ep5. Fjord and his dreams. "Watching. Potential. Learn. Grow. Provoke. Consume. Reward. Patience."

I can fit in about 6 images. The dream sequence.

01:40 Ep16. Fjord and Uk'otoa, swallowing the blade. Ep21. Dark pool in the Merrow lair. Ep22. Ingesting the Yellow Orb.

I can fit in about 5 images

02:07 Ep25. Fjord and The Mighty Nein on the road before being kidnapped and held with Jester and Yasha. Ep30. Jesters singing. Attuning to Summer's Dance blade (Molly's sword).

I can fit in about 6 images

02:39 Ep36. The Mist. The Squall Eater. Orly. Ep37. The Mighty Nein work for Avantika.

I can fit in about 6 images

03:10 Ep36/37. Fjord Captain Tusktooth

I can fit in about 4 images

03:30 Fjord the Pirate

I can fit in about 3 images of the Mighty Nein as pirates.

03:58 [End]

Up to Ep. 38. More to come in the next Fjord track.

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