Graphic by Natalie Chenard

Music Track: Jester

Covering all episodes. I would like to have about 35 images. There is so much more I could do with Jester, so consider this an introduction. :-)
Note: My estimate of images needed may be off, so this is just a rough guide.


Selected images: Under each section below I will provide details/samples of the images selected for the video and a link to the artist!

00:00 Introduction to Jester - Jester at home in Nicodranas, meeting the Mightly Nein, traveling.

I can fit in about 12 images

01:45 Jester's Mum - Ruby of the Sea

I can fit in 2 images (the second one being fare-welled by her mother)

02:00 Jester and the Traveler

I can fit in about 8 images

03:04 Jester draws dicks

I can fit in 1 image

03:11 Jester in battle mode, with Lollipop (03:36-03:52 eating cupcakes)

I can fit in about 8 images (plus 3 images of cupcake eating)

04:07 Fjord kisses Jester

I can fit in 1 image (I know, I need to do a Fjord & Jester track!)

04:11 [End]

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