You will find here links to the artists that I feature in my videos. Support them and enjoy!!

I will be making a special effort to seek out music that I think works well with the videos I post, that complements them and makes them worth watching. I really want to find and support people publishing their music freely online, and use the videos to promote them. I will contact the artist and get permission for each and every track I use. There is a lot more work goes into their music tracks than any video I could produce. So a massive thank you to everyone that says "sure you can use it!", you guys are awesome.

All music will be attributed to the artists, and permission/licence obtained to use the works. I will do my absolute best to achieve this but please let me know if I've missed something. :-) Note that if the artist has a content claim on the music on YouTube, any revenue from advertising goes 100% to that artist.