The following is a portfolio of work that demonstrates the various styles of music that I can produce for you. Scroll down to the area of interest and click through to read more details about the approach to the project. I also create the videos to go with the music, which is a fun side project.

Film Score Tracks

Westwood - The Lost Piano

I really enjoyed creating this track. I could see enormous potential for many emotional touch points throughout this short film. I wanted to use the music and sounds to make certain elements feel like distant memories, but at the same time to be raw and visceral, still fully felt and experienced by the main character as he rediscovered this special place. I wanted to create a little melody that would tug at his memory at the start, almost if wafting into existence from long ago and drawing him into the building. This was set to a soundscape made from a number of piano sounds (mercilessly tortured through various effects) to create an unsettling underpinning to the story.

DC Stargirl

What a lot of fun to try my hand at scoring a DC show - first time to try! I wanted to treat this as a real world assignment, so I set myself a time limit for production (3hrs start to finish) and really focused on hitting the judging criteria over personal expression.

Story Inspired Tracks

Despair (by H.P Lovecraft)

TYPE: Soundtrack - Written Story
STYLE: storytelling, horror

A track written to explore a Lovecraftian Horror theme and based on a poem called Despair. Read more about the track and the process behind its creation.

Robotic Love

TYPE: Soundtrack - Imagined Story
STYLE: storytelling, electronic

"In the cold dark expanse of space, where robots toil alone but for the brief changing of shifts at the recharging outpost, a chance encounter awakens strange deeply hidden programming of a most confusing nature."

Web Comic Soundtrack

Norenard - Web comic soundtrack

TYPE: Soundtrack - Web comic
STYLE: Atmospheric, storytelling

Read more about this track made for a published web comic. The track provides an atmospheric backdrop the the comics setting and characters.

Video Game Music

Darkest Before Dawn - Global Game Jam game soundtrack

TYPE: Original music for a 2D platform game made in GameMaker Studio for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

The Dark Magicians Banishing Spell

TYPE: Game Music - Character study

This is an original track inspired by a character from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Magician.

Imagined Space Shooter Game Theme

TYPE: Game Music - Imaginary Space Shooter

This tracks was made to explore music for an imaginary space shooter game, made for fun for a VGM Lounge challenge.

Pac-Man Variations on a Theme

TYPE: Game Music - Variations on a theme

This was a little fun to take a very simple theme and try to expand it out into a longer track. Made for fun for a VGM Lounge challenge.

Imagined Platform Game

TYPE: Game Music - Imaginary Platform Game
STYLE: 8-bit VGM

These tracks were made to explore music for an imaginary platform game, made for fun for a VGM Lounge challenge.

Image Inspired Music

Magic: The Gathering Cards inspired music (3 tracks)

TYPE: Soundtrack - Image
STYLE: storytelling, hip hop

Read more

Animated Story Soundtrack

Unhinged - A Scary Story/Villains

TYPE: Soundtrack - Animated Story
STYLE: storytelling, horror, hip hop

Read more about how this track was requested and the process followed that resulted in two versions of the track being made.