Darkest Before Dawn

  • TYPE: Game Music

  • PROJECT: Platform game for Game Jam

  • STYLE: Platform, Dark

Here are four tracks that I made over three days for the 2020 Global Game Jam.

The brief was that it was a side scrolling platform game where you were being pursued by "The Dread", and had to battle your way forward while constantly chased. For this reason I made the music so that is slowly sped up as you progress through the level, and then loops.

The four tracks are: Game Start, Level 1, Level 1 Boss Fight and Credits Screen.

The feeling had to be dark and pressured, and I was very happy with the finished tracks. I'd love to do more game music so if you are looking for a composer for your next indie game give me a yell!! :-)

Here is the background.....

Welcome adventurer! Venture forth into the dark woodland and face the vicious beast-men. You will face a horde of bloodthirsty armed villains but will you find a friend along the way? The deep forest is treacherous and you will catch little time for rest. When you least expect danger is when you will learn the true, relentless nature of what follows you through the forest…

You can try out the game here. The development work is continuing.

The Team:
Lead Designer/Programming: Desmand King dking@blackskydesignstudio.com
Lead Programmer: Lawrence Jest linkedin.com/in/lawrence-jest-415058197 lawrencejest@hotmail.com
Art Director: Jocelyn Sanchez (Creamyskeletons) creamyskeletons.ca
Music Supervisor: Scott Hamilton (dGecko) datagecko.com
Lead Audio Engineer: Daniel Badi Rinaldi www.rinaldisound.com