The Gathering

Below are three works created for a recent VGM Lounge composers challenge to create some original music from an image. I took the approach of creating a short musical story for each. I find creating music to match an image is quite rewarding.

Mountain (Amonkhet) by Chris Rahn

The image on the Magic: The Gathering card shown below, created by Chris Rahn, was the inspiration for this track. My mind went immediately to a dessert atmospheric track, blazing sun, parched winds, Arabic overtones, the relentless plodding, undulating rhythm of a camel train as it enters this barren forgotten city. The caravan passes under the mountain, and travels on to an unknown destination.

Forest (Theros) by Steven Belledin

In contrast to the other two this image is tranquil and peaceful, so I wanted a story about a traveler returning to this beautiful tree in a valley where he grew up. As he walks up to it, he starts playing a little melody on his thumb harp, remembering happy times beneath this tree. Wistfully he casts his mind back, and is answered by the memory of a harp played by his sweetheart, a faltering memory. Which reminds him of the times they spent together, laughing and enjoying their youth, oh so long ago.

Island (Kaladesh) by Yeong Hao-Han

The next Magic: The Gathering card was Island by Yeong Hao-Han. Initially when I saw this image I though first of a swamp, one you could easily get hopelessly lost in... then the idea that there were evil forces awaiting you once there. On reflection, this is somewhat darker than the image, so I did some research about Kaladesh. Its actually not a dark place at all, quite the opposite, but.... they do still have demons who want to destroy this otherwise very optimistic land, so I went with that. You enter the island swamp filled with optimism, with lots of watery splashes and drips, but soon the ominous drums start, and you know you are entrapped in the labyrinthine waterways.

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