Unhinged - A scary short story.

  • TYPE: Soundtrack

  • PROJECT: Animated Story

  • STYLE: storytelling, horror, hip hop

The story behind this piece is that someone needed a track to back a very short animated story they were producing. The brief was very brief...

Basically, context behind the sound is horror like, like calm and mysterious beginning (first 15~) that quickly transitions to horror like. The story behind the ost is of someone who is betrayed and does some crazy stuff in their death to enact revenge on those people and that land.

I can do that I thought, so offered to help. After a little talking we settled on the following flow:

  • 0:00-0:20 mysterious beginning (what is going on?)

  • 0:20-0:40 building up, suspense, disturbing (something scary!)

  • 0:40-1:20 intense, bit psycho (crazy stuff happening!!)

  • 1:20-1:30 climax, max intensity (death)

  • 1:30-1:50 creepy after glow and fading away (the curse that lingers)

From this I created the following track.

The story wasn't finished, so after some more work there was a change from the requester from the 1:00 mark:

so I finished the ending/outline of the story. and the ending part is the introduction of a squad characters. so basically the 1:00-30 range should be an upbeat/explosive type sound. representing the introduction of those characters. Basically towards the end is the introduction of the squad/characters/organization, i want to go from the horror type ost to horror hiphop/upbeat type sound. And the characters are bad guys - Villains.

So I changed the track from 1:00 onward to be a cooler hiphop style for the entry of the Villains. Also spent some more time on the mix to get it a bit clearer.

This version the requester loved and is now working on the animation to match. Will be interested to see how it turns out.