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Graphic by Oak Antony

I've been a fan of Critical Role since discovering the show half way though campaign 1. As a D&D player from way, way (way!) back, I fell in love with the show, and quickly came to respect this amazing group of people as having created something truly magical and special - a community of love and sharing like I have never seen before. The artwork created by the Critters each week just blew me away, a community of creators sharing their talent in an expression of humbling devotion to the show. And now more than 100 shows into the second season, I can finally give a little something to this community. I am releasing an album of music inspired by the characters from Critical Role Campaign 2, music that tells a little of the stories and major events experienced by those characters.

CR ART Reel - Calling all Artists!!

Would you like to see your fan art with my fan music?

I love making music, and it gives me great joy. But adding graphics to music makes it really powerful. So I would like to invite all the wonderful, creative Critters to showcase their fan art to help me complete this project! I would absolutely love to put a video of images together from the incredible community of Critter artists, an art reel that is very targeted to the story elements in the music. The music is my gift to all the critters, and if you would like to be part of this project please reach out and send me your artwork. As you will see there are a lot of opportunities for artwork to be included (hundreds in fact!), though some will show fairly briefly to fit the timelines of the tracks.

I will be offering the final music album for sale on Bandcamp, but I will also be posting all the tracks to my YouTube channel and my desire is to showcase lots and lots of fan art, so everyone will be able to enjoy the music and art, and if you would like to support me to make more Critter Songs, well that would be most humbly appreciated as well.

All artwork used will have attribution and links included in the YouTube videos and on this website.... and my deepest thanks and love. I really don't know if anyone will like the music, its a range of very diverse styles from orchestral to hip-hop, electronic to folk, but I think it is fun, and if you are interested, please read on.

Critter Songs

I'm also looking for someone to create a sweet graphic for the album cover, and I would be happy to commission for someone to create something beautiful for me. If you are interested, please send me your rough concept art, and if it will fit the theme and I love it I'll commission the full work. (Don't put a lot of time into the concept in case lots of people send samples, as I can only pick one and I don't want anyone being disappointed) I'll post here once I have selected a graphic. Thank you!!

Invitation to join the CR Critter Songs Collaboration.

Bidet Critter! As a creator of fine fan art for our beloved Critical Role (Campaign 2) I would like to extend an invitation to you to join a special fan made Art Reel and Music collaboration project that combines your incredible fan art with eight tracks of my original fan music.

Critter Songs Track Listing: (Each track will have a video)

  • Beauregard - Style: World Beats/Funk/Electronic/Soul

This track is all about the aggressive warrior monk, who talks with her fists first, but has a certain soft spot that yearns to fill a need for tenderness and love. "You have sixty seconds, but I have more knuckles."

This track reflects the pure wisdom and laid back spirit of the wise one, the grounding influence within the Mighty Nein who is more likely to invite you to take tea with him, over partaking in violence. "Things die. Some come back."

  • Caleb - Style: Dark Atmospheric/Orchestral

Caleb's track is as dark and disturbing as his past, telling the story of betrayal at the hands of his teacher Trent, the unthinkable horror of discovering what he had done, his time in the sanatorium until the mysterious lifting of false memories that allowed escape, the dirty downtrodden vagabond in hiding who teamed up with light-fingered Nott, and who eventually came to feel accepted into the Mighty Nein. He has a complex relationship with fire, and even while his power now grows, a darkness remain. And he has Frumpkin! "I often feel like a failure and a success within the same hour."

  • Fjord - Style: Atmospheric/Electronic/Folk

This track tells the story of the orphan who grew up defined by the ocean his life was linked to, with rolling waves crashing over this stoic silent misfit, his nautical adventures with the Mighty Nein that drew him to a false patron, the call of Uk'otoa and the darkness under the sea, and on to a dubious role as a pirate captain. "That's very cool. I do love the ocean."

  • Jester - Style: Electronic/Pop/Orchestral/Techno

This track is all trickster, from a mysterious and privileged background, to mischievous follower of The Traveler, to emerging powerful Cleric with a sweet tooth and a lollipop of sticky doom, but also a heart full of love. "I'm a really good liar."

  • Mollymauk - Style: Atmospheric/Orchestral/Piano

This track covers the short but abundant life of the beloved Molly, from the most unusual of beginnings (literally buried alive!), his extravagant life in the The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, through to his untimely fall to the blade of Lorenzo, and the sadness that swept the Critter-verse at his passing, a sadness tinged with bittersweet memories. “Be the chaos you want to see in the world.”

This track tells the story of Nott the Brave, from the start of the campaign, meeting Caleb, then the Mighty Nein. It shows the transition from scared Goblin with a bit of drinking problem, bonding with Caleb and adventuring with the Might Nein, before her transformation back to Veth the Halfling. "Every one of us has left without saying goodbye to someone in our lives."

  • Yasha - Style: Dark/Rock/Bone Harp!

This track traces the moving from dark to light, as Yasha, follower of the Stormlord, rediscovers her true self as she moves through cold, dark rage towards a new hope of purity (and maybe even love?), and the liberation of soaring free once more above the clouds. The disquieting sound of her bone harp bridges this transition. "I think I am being rebuilt, just like the temple."

Listen to a short sample of the Nott the Brave...

And visit the artist that provided the wonderful artwork you see in the promo video at

You can also join our new Discord to collaborate on this and future projects!! After joining, add the critters-corner channel role to learn all about this project and our new community. Details at Visual Music World!

Join us!

The process to join the collaboration is ... head over to the website to get the link to the Discord, that is where you can ask questions. If you would like to add your fan art, then you can use the form below to provide the specific piece. :-) All images will be attributed and linked to your portfolio.

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Beyond Blue is the charity I wish to support through my music. During these difficult times particularly, mental health is at such risk, and I know the information Beyond Blue provides has helped me get through this. A percentage of all music sales will be donated to this great organisation. Thanks! :-)
Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.